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Recent Answers from Alan Jones

2017-01-15 natural horn:

Hi, that's basically why you have your hand in the bell when you play...     Around 1750-1760 Anton Joseph Hampel developed the technique of hand stopping, enabling the production of notes not in the harmonic

2017-01-12 inf;:

Hi, I'm afraid I can't reply in Portuguese, I had to use Google to translate your question.    I can't tell you too much about your horn either, but maybe Jiracek can, their website is http://www.jiracek

2017-01-08 Vintage Severin double french horn:

Hi,    The Severin horn is, as you say, a compensating double, and not a good one either. These were made in Italy and sold under various brand names such as Anborg, Danor, Viking, although the Severin

2016-12-17 alexander horns:

Hi, you're fairly correct in your assessment of what the Alexander website says, Mensur is the bell throat size, Korpusgrosse is just the overall size of the horn body. And yes, the K model is the wrap

2016-10-31 Prestini French Horn:

Hi, here's the company's website, obviously an old-established firm which sells woodwind reeds, and has more recently diversified into instruments... in the case of the brass on offer, fairly generic Chinese-made


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