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Recent Answers from Alan Jones

2016-09-13 Atkinson Erfurt NN508:

Hi Matt,    Firstly I would have to say that I've never been in the same room as an Atkinson horn... but have gleaned some info from various sources. They're a Californian maker of very expensive, hand-made

2016-08-29 what horn is this?:

Hi, I think it's a pre-Farkas Holton. Compare the pictures here of the Holton 76 from 1960. Same wrap and thumb mechanism. It all looks fairly clunky and certainly unlike any other model.    So according

2016-07-30 F.E. Olds Fench Horn Vs. Holton:

Hi, if it's an Olds double, in ok playing condition, then for that money it's a steal. Olds horns were very well made, blow nicely, and I think you would be fine with it until you've saved up for a Holton

2016-06-28 Lyons Band Instrument Company horn:

Hi, you can find a little about the Lyons Band Instrument Company by googling the name, not much though, based at 223 West Lake St Chicago and various famous makers once worked there (Reinhold Schilke

2016-06-24 Del Sol french horn:

OK, looks like a fairly generic Chinese-made instrument, which is normally the case when I don't recognise the brand... could be ok, could not, generally quality of manufacture and so the lasting qualities


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