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Kevin Patrick


I am well-versed in questions regarding addiction, especially as addiction relates to ADHD. I have lived with ADHD for my entire life and have experienced addiction to methamphetamine and have successfully recovered. I can answer many general medical and anatomical questions, along with brain function and behavior but I do not attempt to do so as if I am a physician. I am not. I have, however, practical experience that should be shared with others in order for them to again become productive family members, employees, employers and so on. I am well educated, well spoken and friendly. I also have a unique ability to make people feel comfortable when speaking with them.

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I am a recoverd addict who also has ADHD. I have been drug-free for over six years.


I am a published author with my first book, NO WAY TO BE TREATED, having been released in December of 2010. I am now completing several chapters which will be included in the book's second edition. This second edition should be released within nine months. The book is available worldwide via Amazon, Barnes & Noble and many others. NO WAY TO BE TREATED is the first book to address, in depth, the relationship between ADHD and addiction. It is also the only book to be told from the point of view of a recovered addict who has struggled with the symptoms of ADHD since birth. When in my recovery program I came to realize that the recovery "experts" had it all wrong. They blamed our addiction on a bad childhood. I had a great childhood so the reason for my drug use had to be connected with something else. It was: ADHD. Millions of ADHDer's are addicted and the research is very clear.


BS, 1975, Presbyterian College, Clinton, S.C.

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I have been asked to speak at the annual conference of the Learning Disabilities Worldwide to be held in the United Kingdom in January 2013.LDW is a huge, established and reputable organization.

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Someone who has ADHD stands a very good chance of becoming a drug abuser and/or drug addict. To my way of thinking addiction is by far the worst behavioral symptom of ADHD.

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