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I can answer questions about most Washington state cities;attractions,annual events,camping for families or just the adults,fun stuff to do,cool places to see,GOOD FOOD CHEAP or EXTRAVIGANT,where to go and how to get there with the least amount of roadway headaches!

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35 years of 'Been there, done that!' with 5 children, 4 horses,several dogs and one grumpy hubby whos meals must be on time and one new grandson that hates sleeping in a tent! ask me I bet I know!


yes, I went to school and graduated high school;1 year of military/cadet school,1 year of landscapeing and irrigation school. Many years at 'the school of hard knocks'.

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2012-03-10 canada to washington.:

OK So sorry for the delay in answering your Q. However this is out of my field of expertise; but I'll give you what I do know, in USA you can be emancipated from your parents, which means you are capable

2011-01-10 Bellingham:

Hi Lisa  I'm so sorry for the delay in answer,Of all the people I know and my personal experiance with the lovely community of Bellingham,it has all the things you listed and is a fun community to live

2010-03-07 Poker casino near Seattle international airport:

Hello Pierre  Welcome to Washington,albeit wet, we are a great recreation state ! I hope you enjoy your stay.  now one of my favorite casinos is 'Angel of the Winds' just north of Seattle about 45 miles

2009-08-13 Imports:

hello Adelaide  please forgive the long delay,someone poisoned my puppy and I have been neglecting my e-mail for taking care of her; she is doing well now!  I only ask you to wait until I do a little research

2009-06-12 George Washington:

well hello Howard  long time,huh?  OK  it been a really long time since I've had to 'think' about academic grammar,(creative writing was my fave!)but it does come right back to you!  The answer to your


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