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Holly Holmes


I can answer questions that involve; information on the breed, i.e background and origin and temperament.. etc. Also questions on; puppy care; healthy diets and nutrition; grooming and clipping; breeding and whelping; caring for the older dog. I cannot answer question which involve illness and medical treatment. I can't diagnose your pet, i am not a vet.

Experience in the area

I have owned Newfoundlands for over 6 years, raising them from young to old. I have cared for the ill within the home, using natural home remedies.


Member of 'The Kennel Club' also 'The Newfoundland Club UK'


3 A*'s in GCSE biology science.

What do you like about this subject?

Newfoundlands are one of the best dogs breeds in so many ways(in my opinion). Once you have one you will want to have more.

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Garry09/09/10101010Thank you holly. We have both of .....


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