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I can answer any existential question - i.e. "Who am I?" "What am I here to do?" and "What is the meaning of life?"

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I was on a spiritual journey for twenty years before awakening to my true nature. Am a regular teacher at Esalen Institute (www.esalen.org). Website www.jimdreaver.com


See www.endyourstory.com, the website of my most recent book, END YOUR STORY, BEGIN YOUR LIFE.


Four years postgraduate/doctoral degree

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Jim09/08/1510Thank you Jim. I'll read the book .....

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2016-08-18 Meditation:

Hi James,    You were blessed with a tasted of the bliss and freedom your true nature,   what you always are underneath this "person" you "think"/"believe" you are.    It is not often that this happens

2016-07-31 spiritual karma:

Dear Sam,    Yes, karma is the law of cause and effect - and it  just the way the universe is.    It is a mystery, and the more we accept the mystery,  the more our life flows harmoniously.    People suffer

2016-02-17 I don't know my purpose:

Dear Chloe,    Your purpose is to awaken - read the piece below,  from my new book (in PDF only at this stage).    If you want the digital copy, email me at jdreaver@aol.com,  and I will send it free.

2015-11-29 Is there just one answer?:

Dear Utkarsh,    Yes, there is just one answer, and the more you awaken  to the truth of who and what you are, the more you will  discover it.    Below is a summary of what awakening is, from my new book

2015-11-04 I don't know what my purpose is or calling:

Dear Chloe,    When the student is ready, the teacher appears!    Below is Lesson # 27, from my new PSF, WE ARE BEAUTIFUL AS WE ARE, The Dark Night of the Soul.    If you want to check out more about the


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