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I would like to help "recovering fundementalists" and anyone who has left Christianity for other spiritual paths. I'll be happy to discuss questions of personal growth and spiritual / religious exploration. My answers will likely be opinion, advice, food for thought, reading resources and general supportiveness rather than hard and fast facts.

Experience in the area

I left Christianity in 1992 and have independently studied Taoism, Buddhism, Spiritualism and a variety of other Philosophies since. I have worked professionally giving spiritual advice as a Tarot card reader for more than five years, but have worked with oracle cards unofficially since 1992.


Point of Light Magazine, "Nature's Echos" and "Quicksilver Moon" International College of Poets Anthologies, "Treasured Poems of America 1994"


Ordained Universal Life Minister w/ title of Preceptor (teacher for individuals, not a congregational minister) and honorary D.D. from the U.L.C. Served as Liturgical Deacon in an ELCA congregation 1990-92. Reiki Master-practitioner. Tai Chi and Kung fu Instructor 1996-2000 (retired from martial arts for health reasons). Intuition development training with psychic Joy Star.

Awards and Honors

Outstanding Young Women of America 1988

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