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Crisis related to organised religion vs spirituality, life purpose, metaphysics, spiritual development, personal growth

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Highly intuitive, practising clairvoyant with very high level of accuracy, extensive knowledge of spirituality and alternative beliefs, including sacred geometry, metaphysics, quantum physics and how these disciplines apply to people on a practical basis


Spiritual Workers Association


www.MyPurpleBlog.com, www.ElsabeSmit.com, www.AskAboutDeath.com, numerous article publication websites including www.searchwarp.com


MA in Industrial Psychology, Master's Degree in Business Administration, NLP Master Practitioner, Master Hypnotist

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Individuals looking for personal growth, businesses looking for creativity and teambuilding

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Ro05/15/16101010Dear Elsabe, thank you so much for .....
Richa03/04/16101010Thank-you so much u are just like .....
Chloe11/29/15101010Thank you so much.. Very detailed. I .....
Quentin07/09/15101010Thank you for your guidance Elsabe.
Autumn05/04/15101010Thank you so much for your guidance .....

Recent Answers from Elsabe Smit

2016-03-03 Life motto:

Hi Richa    You are asking a very good question.  This is especially because you now have a young life to take care of and guide.    Having a child is a complete turnaround to the life you were used to

2015-11-26 Dark night of the soul:

Hi Chloe    The dark night of the soul is not a pleasant place to be - it is like being in a corridor between two rooms, with both doors closed and no light switched on, and you have to find your way from

2014-04-04 Reincarnation:

Hi Aaran    My apologies for the delayed reply - I have only just noticed your question.    Below is a copy of an article I published a few years ago on the topic.  If you have questions that the article

2013-03-02 Life purpose:

Hi Jessica    This is a good question.  You will find many people wanting to sell your life purpose to you - in other words, if you follow their teachings you will definitely discover your life purpose

2013-02-09 collective consciousness, souls on the spiritual plane, and divine purpose:

Hi Brie    What a lovely experience you had - and than you for sharing it with me.      I am not sure what your question is, so I would add my own explanation and maybe that will add to your clarity.


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