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I can answer all questions relating to Enlightenment aka Awakening, Nirvana or the ultimate goal of a human being.

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Students belonging to many different religious faith have studied under my guidance and attained enlightenment.


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Angie08/16/12101010Thank you sincerely
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2016-07-31 question on karma:

Hi Sam,    Awakening or Enlightenment happens to few individuals like Eckhart Tolle or Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev without any self effort. For the remaining majority, it is essential to study the holy scriptures

2014-05-07 Time and awakening:

Dear Moe,    "Time does not exist" - This is a scientific fact. Just as Copernicus's invention took 100s of years for human beings to understand, this discovery on time will take many many years for people

2013-10-02 Help understanding awakening,please:

Hi,    Awakening means knowing the truth. We think we are living in a world consisting of many different people. This is not the truth. What we see is an illusion. All is one. Space and time do not exist

2013-07-30 Path to enlightenment:

Dear Daniel,    You need to have your own path to enlightenment. However, you need to have deep desire for enlightenment prior to pursuing it. Enlightenment cannot be yet another goal in life. It has to

2013-04-30 How to control my Ego?:

Dear Sonal,    You are attempting an impossible task. Try to reflect on this question: 'Who is the one who wants to control the ego?'. You will realize that it is your Ego who wants to control! So it is


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