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I am able to answer questions on which i have found my own answers. I won't tell you my answers, because i do think we learn most by finding our own truth,but i will be able to give you tips, tools and methods to find your own answer. And can share with you universal knowledge about life, love and relationships.

Experience in the area

First of all i walk my talk. At the age of 24 (i am now 47) i became ill, which was a blessing, since it brought me on my spiritual path. I have learned so much since then that i love to share. My life brought me to the deep realms of my inner world and the outer worlds. And finally to the island of Ibiza where i now have my practise and receive clients from all over the world. My expertise lies in healing through communication with the body, mind and soul. My clients tell me they all experience a deeper connection with their true self after the sessions. I myself do not see myself as the doer, i am a mere instrument of the divine.And very grateful to be able to.


Working as a healer/coach on the island of Ibiza, Spain. Giving individualsessions/retreats as well as group retreats. More info at www.lizlaforce.com


Publications in Dutch and Australian magazines.


Degree in Business Economics at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam A degree in Chinese Medicine: Acupuncture Master Teacher in Reiki Several other healing forms Didactical education at the University of Amsterdam

Awards and Honors

My biggest award is the life i am able to lead right now: a life of freedom, love and happiness.

Past/Present Clients

Youngsters, teachers, parents, business men and women, who have all one thing in common they want to learn how to LIVE in a conscious way.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

I believe we all are students and teachers. So i do hope i will continue on learning about the magic of life!

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2017-02-11 Enlightened persons after death:

Dear Jagannath,    First of all I am no more enlightened than you or anybody else. As I see it we exist out of multidimensional aspects. Among which a higher self (which we call enlightened) and a human

2017-01-04 What is the key point of a mystical experience ?:

Dear Birol,    What an interesting question. I will answer it here with the best of my knowledge.    Although I have been born with a clear connection with the Divine, I did loose this connection myself

2016-11-14 A curious energy flow.....:

Dear Todd,    What a wonderful experience.     This is your own creative energy (power) starting to flow when you have an idea. As I experience/see it in our abdomen, lower belly, our inner power resides

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Dear Sam,    First of all thank you for your interesting question.    Which I am going to answer with all that I know right now.    Karma as I know it is cause and effect. We do something and this has

2016-02-27 Third eye:

Dear Yousef,    I am very happy I could be of help.    Regarding the things you see, blue strings, faces etc. I do not know exactly what they are. I do know that all is Love energy at the end.     Whenever


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