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All questions related to spiritual growth process, dealing with real life situations with a Zorba mind. Every problem is no problem. Creating a state of awareness and consciousness through meditation as a tool. Meditation practices and techniques for all to reach a state of no mind. Assist seekers to live a life in peace and harmony with self and the world at large along with self growth in a process to attain or know the truth.

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I am a meditation facilitator in India. Have been certified meditation facilitator from Pune, India. Have done good amount of research and reading into spiritual practices and meditation techniques from Zen, Sufism and more. This is still a continuous process of evolving. See this forum as an opportunity for self growth and also some assistance to seekers of truth or like minded people. Practicing yoga and meditation is the most part of my life in my path of self growth as a spiritual person or a healer or a facilitator.


Certified Meditation Facilitator from Osho International Meditation Resort Pune, India. Certified Hypnotist Certified Public Accountant (Colorado State Board)

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Sam07/23/14101010Thank you so much. Im glad to .....

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2015-04-07 problem with self-control:

Hello Gopal,    Both the above problems look related. I would like to answer you as mentioned below:    Many students go through what is happening to you these days..so just be relax. It is good you are

2014-04-04 Reincarnation:

Hi Aaran,    Thank you for writing to me. I apologize for the late reply as i was travelling.    You question is interesting and can be answered in many ways, but i would like to keep it simple.    Its

2014-03-07 meditation:

Hello Pete,    Thank You for writing to me....    Good to know you are trying to be in the now. But the point i would like to make is instead of trying, just be in the now do not try, let it happen, allow

2013-09-18 Thank you:

Abie...I dint realize earlier that while you are thanking me, you again getting into some thought process as to how to get peace.    I would like to respond on the following quotes you made:    But this

2013-09-10 The facts about rebirth:

Hello Abie,    Thank You for the question or for that matter many questions bundled!    I apologize for the delay in responding to your questions. I would try to answer your question to the best of my


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