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Recent Answers from Melvin Davidson

2012-03-12 EnterpriseDB back to Postgres SQL:

The problem is related to finding the dbms_utility schema.   That should have been installed by EnterpriseDB.    I suggest you contact EnterpriseDB for further instructions.  The contact is Call: +1-732-331-1320

2010-10-29 How to convert postgresql DB to EnterpriseDB:

Darwin,    EnterpriseDB is essentially just an enhanced PostgreSQL database.  So to convert, all you need to do is a pg_dump of your PostgreSQL database and then pg_restore into the EnterpriseDB database

2010-06-27 Migrating from MySQL:

Rohit,    (1) Is there any free tool to migrate effectively?    With regards to migration, I did an Internet search with the keywords: [migrate mysql postgres]  and also [convert mysql postgres].    Although

2010-02-13 select query:

Emilio,    This question is not necessarily pertinent to PostgreSQL, and looks very much to me  like a homework or class assignment. Therefore, I will answer this particular question  so that you may gain

2010-02-04 postgreSQL start up:

Sunny,    Based on this information, it just be that psql (or psql.exe) is not the the %PATH% variable.    I would suggest that you do a windows search for psql.    If found, then simply add the path to


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