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I can answer your question about home inspections and the hidden aspects of of the industry. I own American Home Inspection for east Texas and am a Certified Master Inspector. Sometimes there are questions about buying and selling a home that a qualified and honest home inspector can answer. Many people are led to believe incomplete information about repair items and make costly mistakes when they respond. If you do not know enough information or know what to ask, you can buy a nightmare instead of a home. Is your home inspector working for you or the Realtor? Is the owner of the home telling the truth? How do you make sure the contractor who makes repairs will do it right? Is the Realtor moving too fast and causing a person to make hasty choices? What are some of the things the Realtor does not want you to know? What you discover after you are the owner of the home and then decide to sell? What type of box can the home inspector put you in when the new buyer is now inspecting your home? What can you do if the home inspector was negligent? How do you prepare for a home inspection? What should you do with the home inspection report at the negotiating table? What are the signs of sheeple being led to the slaughter? Why do some realtors hate the "deal killer" home inspector? What type of action can you take now to protect yourself from law suite after someone buys your home? When is something a minor or major problem? What are the most common problems found in a home inspection? What can you do to prepare for a home inspection? What questions can you ask the home inspector so you choose the right one? The list goes on and on... "The truth will make you free"

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Over 25 years experience in construction and board certified as a Certified Master Inspector. Licensed by the Texas Real Estate Commission as a Professional Home Inspector (TREC #4565) and Certified by the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors (NACHI).




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Certified Master Inspector (CMI) National Association of Certified Home Inspectors (NACHI) Licensed by the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC #4565)
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2012-06-03 Home inspection report:

For each item, you should bring in a qualified Professional to evaluate and give you a cost for the repairs of the listed items (and surprises that they uncover)... before you buy the property.  What other

2012-05-18 Home Inspection Question:

Absolutely, have a home inspection done.  There are hundreds of items that need inspected.  Many a brand new home that we have inspected turned out have major defects.  You just never know.  It is the

2012-05-09 Questionable legitimacy of a home inspection:

The home inspector is limited to non-invasive methods of inspecting conditions that they observe.  Listening to the sound of tiles, along with whatever else he found, sounds reasonable to me.  The price

2011-11-05 Home Inspection Cost:

I recommend that you look for a home inspector who has met the qualifications to become a certified master inspector.  See this website for a list of inspectors in your state.    http://www.certifiedmasterinspector

2011-11-04 Home Inspection Cost:

If price is the primary consideration you are looking for, then you are setting yourself up for a real problem.  I suggest you look for the most experienced, most thorough, most picky home inspector money


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