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I can answer questions on technical issues related to homes and explain items you may have seen on home inspection reports. Also, I can answer questions about issues that have occurred after home inspections and give insight into what may have happened. I own B.A. King Home Inspections, LLC and am the only Certified Independent Home Inspector in my entire NC and SC service area. I do not market to realtors so I can tell it like it is, without fear of a big loss of revenue. Sellers can ask questions to gain insight for preparing a home for an inspection. Buyers can ask and learn about what to expect on older homes and even on new ones. I can answer questions about home inspection agreements and explain why they must contain certain elements. I also can answer questions about the various standards of practice used in the industry.

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Professional independent unbiased home inspections performed for home buyers since 2005. NC 2449 and SC 1597 license's, Home Building experience, Residential wiring experience, Residential framing experience.




Home Inspector Training, and AAS Electronics Engineering

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A disturbing fact is that 80 percent of home buyers allow their commission based realtor to choose the home inspector.

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2013-06-03 inspections:

That would depend on the real estate contract. There are lots of differences in the way things are done in each state.  Please contact a local attorney to see what is going on exactly. Some questions he

2013-06-01 inspections:

You should get your inspections done during the first week after offer acceptance.  On crawlspace homes, you might want to offset extra inspections a few days later so you can see what all is wrong with

2013-02-13 Give Home inspection report to seller?:

You will need a real estate attorney to give you the exact answer on this. Your report may also be considered the property of the inspector who probably had you sign an agreement that had something in

2013-01-07 public or private:

You can call the city utility/water department and ask them if that address is connected to city sewer.    If it is a private system you should call a septic company to pump it out and observe the condition

2012-12-10 home inspection:

The inspection is not complete until access is made to that crawlspace.  If it is too low to the ground to access after an opening is made, that is not good either.  You should check to see when the addition


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