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I can answer questions regarding home inspections( including condos and town homes), multi-unit and commercial inspections. Inspection formats, inspection procedures, standards of practice and ethics. What to look for in scheduling and hiring an inspector, your involvement in the inspection process what types of discrepancy items are significant, how to get the most value from an inspection, the technical and material aspects of building materials and construction methods.

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I have been inspecting in Southern California since 1989 and have inspected thousands of properties.I have been an industry leader and educator. I have participated in the creation and implementation of California Inspection association standards, codes of ethics, test questions and materials and promotional programs/materials. I have also given classes to first time home buyers, groups of inspectors and other public groups.


Past member/master inspector, credential CREIA ( also chapter office holder). Past member of ASHI, ICC.


The CREIA inspection publication


The equivalence of an AS degree in Geology, numerous code, standard and materials seminars and training programs.

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Recent Answers from Darrell Bell

2011-09-16 Selling an inspection:

Hi JoAnne,     A property/home inspection is typically considered a legal document.  It does belong to you,however, you may have signed a contract with the inspector(sometimes called and inspection agreement)that

2011-01-26 Home inspection:

Hi Henry,    I'm not sure what you mean by "your third try"; would you care to elaborate?   The question stands: How do I pass a home inspection?  The answer is: There is no pass/fail. Please forgive me

2010-12-24 home inspection??:

Hi Bev,  "floorbatting isnt good underneath a house and attracts moisture so they also want it pulled out for this reason."    If that is the real concern(for them or anyone else) then it will typically

2010-12-24 home inspection??:

Hi Bev,    You are referring to two separate types of inspections. If the termite/pest control report indicates no current issues or infestations then you are good there,right?  That brings us to the question:

2010-02-23 point of sale inspection:

Hi Melissa,   Thank you for your question! There is a lot involved in getting a physical inspection; too much too list here. Take some time to interview some local inspectors. You should be looking for


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