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Occupational health, risk & exposure assessment, incident investigation. Health effects of chemicals

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14 years in occupational health & industrial hygiene


American Industrial Hygiene Association, American Society of Safety Engineers


BS- Health Sciences, MS- Environmental Health

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Recent Answers from Jacob Schock

2016-09-03 Polyurethane floor (water based):

Hello Peter.  This is a difficult question to answer based in the huge number of variables, including size of the room, airflow and ventilation rates, temperature and most important, the compounds in the

2016-05-20 ayuda:

Sounds like a challenging problem.  Can you make the pre-alarm longer and add an additional panel where someone can be closer to it?  Can you add wifi capability to notify someone of the pre-alarm condition?

2015-11-22 common 'garage' chemicals:

all chemicals can be toxic, depending on the dose.  Also each chemical has its own hazards and toxicity.  If someone were experiencing a "high", that would be an acute or short term health effect.  Long

2014-11-21 question:

I can answer only in terms of US policy. This is a rather challenging question because US OSHA rules don't typically segregate by SIC code, however some SIC codes are excempt from some rules (recordkeeping

2012-11-26 cfl bulb:

I empathize with you situation...Here are some documented precautions that should be followed in the event of a broken CFL bulb, based on the recommendation of the US Environmental Protection Agency..


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