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I can answer questions regarding the current issues of Pakistan: politics, terrorism, tribal uprising, Taliban, Its role in Afghanistan & Kashmir, Its Nuclear weapons assets & military strength, Its relations with other nations, their culture and lifestyle i.e. anything and everything.

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I'm already an expert in the India (News & Events) section, That means i keep track on all national and international news. Besides India and Pakistan don't have good relations, hence anything wrong happening in Pakistan, gets through coverage by Indian Media - thus I get to know everything despite not living in that Nation. Apart from this, I cleared the Prelim Examination of Indian Civil Services in 2009 : that shows I've good knowledge of current news affairs, International politics and South Asia's regional conflicts.


Resource builder At Indian Officer Forum Former Alumni of SPIPA (Sardar Patel Institute of Public Administration)


Bachelor of Pharmacy, 'S' Grade in CCC Exam (India) [its for computers]

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Kellie04/06/1010Thank you so much!


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