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I can answer questions on general occultism. I am have involved with Spiritualism and also Theosophy.

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My latest book CONSULTING SPIRITS (Greenwood) discussed different ways in which people have consulted spirits, as Spiritualism, channeling, UFO messengers, and groups as Santeria. Though I am not a practitioner in these areas, I can refer people to information about it.


United Lodge of Theosophy


FATE Magazine The Anomalist


BA, Oral Roberts University MA, McCormick Theological Seminary Also classes at Chesterfield Seminary in Chesterfield, Indiana, which is a Spiritualist camp.

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What is this question about? Going to a school or repeating a grade? This has nothing to do with the occult.  This issue is between you and the school.  If you have a problem with the principal, talk to

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If you'd like to explore this knife further, search "antique knives" or "collectible knives" online.  You could also show it to a good antique dealer.  You might check Amazon and see if they have any books

2016-04-03 Mysterious knife or letter opener:

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Life's situations and relationships have their ups and downs, no matter how rational you may be.  It is easy to think that black magic is the cause of difficulties, but it suggests that someone else is


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