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I can answer questions about prevention, elimination of, and non surgical treatment of periodontal diseases and early tooth decay. I can't answer questions concerning dental insurance payments.

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Taught hygienists in a major dental hygiene school for about 20 years. Taught hands on courses concerning these categories to Dentists and Hygienists throughout the US and Canada including repeat lectures at the Annual Scientific Sessions of A.D.A. and A.G.D over several years. Personal hands on delivery of preventive hygiene services to disadvantaged children through a mobile school based prevention program.


RDH Magazine, Parkell, Dental India and some places of which I'm not aware.


Medical College of Virginia ( VCU) School of Dentistry.

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Recent Answers from Larry Burnett DDS

2016-11-20 Wisdom tooth issues:

Hi Victoria,  I can't see your problem but I think I can make a good guess from what you have so clearly written.  Your problem sounds like a very common problem that people have with wisdom tooth while

2016-11-04 Deep Cleaning:

Hi Tim,  If you have deposits that are visible above your gum line the dentist or hygienist  is obligated to clean them away as part of your standard cleaning.  It is called supra - gingival calculus.

2016-06-07 Teeth changes:

Hello Teresa,  All of the changes you describe are consistant with the natural process of ageing.  Since I don't know you or your age, I'm guessing that all the symptoms you describe are the result of

2016-01-22 xrays:

Hi Denise,    You are correct to have an aversion to x rays.  The danger from x rays come from the fact that the dose of radiation that becomes dangerous is measured by the cumulative effect of radiation

2016-01-16 Xylitol candy after meals:

The main anti decay effect of xylitol is due to the stimulation of your saliva production, not germ killing bacteria.  Therefore any sugarless candy and gum will work about as well as chewing  xylitol


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