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I can answer questions on Real Estate such as question on writing an Offer to Purchase. What can go wrong after an offer is written? What is Buyer Agency and what will it do for me? What is a foreclosure? What is the difference between a foreclosure, a bank owned property and a short sale? What is the best way to locate a property? What steps can be taken to avoid foreclosure? How do Real Estate Agents get paid? How can I quickly build equity in a home? How do I view homes? What types of homes will have the best prices? How do I choose an agent? What types of financing are available?

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Residential and commercial real estate. New home purchases. Buyer Agency. First time home buyers. Foreclosures, bank owned properties, estate sales and short sales.


Greater Milwaukee Realtors Association Wisconsin Realtors Association National Association of Realtors



State of Wisconsin Licensed Real Estate Sales Agent Accredited Buyer Agency Training Relocation Training Certified Senior Citizen Representative Wisconsin Real Estate Continuing Education

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Recent Answers from Dennis Herman

2016-08-03 refinancing through a friend:

As usual, I would recommend a good real estate attorney. They would be able to discuss all the options and pitfalls. A good lawyer would have seen more issues than any of us could imagine. And explain

2015-11-06 Prolonged Foreclosure:

What you really need to do is contact a good real estate attorney. Make sure the attorney specializes in real estate. I know some of the best in Wisconsin.     I am a licensed Real Estate Broker in Wisconsin

2015-05-29 Urgent:

First rule is to put away all that junk on the Internet. After being in business in and around Milwaukee, a rather small market compared to some cities, I have to admit markets surprise me some times.

2015-01-14 Where to find currents foreclosure listings per state?:

Thanks Chris.   Not sure how long this follow up has been in the system. I just noticed it. You can email me your contact info and I can follow up with a few simple questions then find a local agent who

2015-01-14 Where to find currents foreclosure listings per state?:

The best way is to find a good local Real Estate Agent who knows the market. I can show you areas in Milwaukee where the same style of house is worth 35K and a few blocks away is 70K and a few more blocks


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