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Business and IT based questions. 25+ years project management. 16 years Programme Management much of it in a business change environment. I am currently an expert in 3 business areas on this site so can answer BPR questions in a business environment. I do not answer any legal, tax or accountancy questions - you should see your own professional adviser about these. If you can't be bothered to read and rate my answers - I can't be bothered to answer them!

Experience in the area

I am a Management Consultant and Programme Manager with more than 25 year's experience within Banking, Finance, Insurance, Retail, Travel, Leisure, and Government bodies. To compliment my 17 years programme management experience, I also have 15 years bid management experience, ranging from medium tenders to large international and country infrastructure bids. This unique combination of programme and bid management experience ensures that I am particularly strong within presales and business change consultancy assignments If you have a small internet based company, I would welcome your help in completing a survey and helping me with my Masters Dissertation. I am researching how a small company can build its brand and grow quickly using social media marketing. The survey takes 4 minutes and all information is confidential and will NEVER be used for marketing purposes. Thank you in advance. The link to the survey is below:


I have the following published books which are available in Amazon and from FastTrack Project Management, FastTrack Bid Management, FastTrack to a Winning Solution, FastTrack to JobSuccess, Entrepreur's Apprentice. Start My New Party Selling Business. As well as over 30 ebooks on business and IT management In addition I am widely published on web sites - Google me!


BA (Hons) Economics MSc Marketing Management , studying for PHD. Numerous business qualifications.

Awards and Honors

Whilst working in the Far East she became a recognized expert on preparing and evaluating large World Bank Proposals (infrastructure and business process projects within developing countries). She also consulted on setting the World Bank Bid Evaluation Criteria. This expertise was acknowledged by an invitation to be the principle speaker at an International Business Development Conference in Washington, USA.

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2011-09-24 Requisitions.:

I was not quite sure whether this was a homework question or not but I will give you the benefit of the doubt.    You should be asking not what should happen but more what works for your company.  It is

2011-01-15 Products:

No they really happen.  Lord Alan Sugar started from the back of his car.  Sir Richard Branson started from his university room.  Hewlett and Packard started from a shed.  Unfortuantly rules and regulations

2010-12-16 Products:

Hello Bill    That is a very challenging area you want to get into - are your sure you want to move so radically from what you do now?    Yes you will need certifications such as a business licence etc


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