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The command line, configuration files, recompiling the kernel, maintaining a system, hardening a system, package managers, browsers. Questions about Debian, Ubuntu, KUbuntu, MINT, Knoppix, CentOS, Red Hat Enterprise, Linux Wifi, embedded Linux, Live CD, forensics tools, vulnerability and pen testing tools, virtual installations.

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Recent Answers from John Crout

2015-12-27 Parental controls Linus Mint:

I don't know of a way to do what you ask.  For one thing, anything that can be done can be undone regardless of the Operating System.  School Districts filter at their Routers/Gateways.  As it happens

2015-11-13 Build linux distro:

From your question I gather you're trying to create a "myUbuntu" CD or USB that looks and runs as does Ubuntu, and includes installing it to a hard drive.  Isn't this answered on the ubuntuforums.org website

2015-08-19 mount my HDD to my ubuntu 14.04 LTS:

Run this from a command-line prompt:  

  # dmesg  
   immediately after plugging in the USB connector.  This will tell you if plugging it in was even noticed and what events were triggered.

2014-11-16 Use inotify and rsync to sync files to hosting server on the fly:

An ssh key and passphrase should care of the ssh password issue if I understood the problem correctly.    Deleting a file might require checking for its existence and executing code based on the check

2014-11-09 Use inotify and rsync to sync files to hosting server on the fly:

Not sure what the bash script has to do with the one executed, that has a php script in it.    ssh *is* on 22 by default.  I can't tell from the notes if the reason for the ssh timeout is the port number


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