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My name is John. I'm located on Long Island and have been in the chimney business for 20 years. I have extensive knowledge in all aspects of chimney maintenance and repair. Cleanings, crowns, brickwork, linings, and all types of chimney problems and conditions. As seen on CBS news' Christmas special, "what to do in a worst case scenario"

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all experience is hands on. Knowledge is extensive throughout the chimney building, maintenance, and any repair processes


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Leo10/27/14101010Thanks John, Ill call them tomorrow.
gigi01/05/14101010thanks john, you helped answer some points .....
Justin12/28/13101010Thanks for your help! Justin
anne12/01/13101010Thank you very much

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2016-05-28 Fireplace Mantel:

The clearance needed between the top of the fireplace opening and any combustablematerial is 18". Now thats based on NYS firecodes and i dont know where you are or whats applicable in your area but that

2015-09-01 Block/Brick Fireplace Renovation:

In some cases it can be opened up on both sides to have a see through but on some cases, depending on how they actually built it, it simply cant or shouldnt be done. I didnt see it so it wouldnt be fair

2014-01-03 prefab fireplace leak:

My first instinct is to go with the chase cover. It a wood burning fireplace right? Not a wood burning fireplace thats been converted to a gas fireplace? If its been converted to a gas logs fireplace then

2013-12-20 Wood stove Fiber Board:

Hi Justin,    The boards in question are called baffle boards and they are there to have the fire burn the way the stove is designed to burn. That doesn't necessarily mean the stove won't work without

2013-11-27 fireplace vents:

This type of fireplace is a pre-fabricated fireplace. Commonly used to simplify  a fireplace construction. The vents on the sides allow air to enter a cavity thats surrounding the box that actually holds


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