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I can answer most any question on Spiritualism, its history, philosophy, belief system, and practice.

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I attended a Spiritual church and have been interested in Spiritualist ministry. I graduated from a mainstream seminary, but I also took classes at the Seminary at Camp Chesterfield in Indiana. I have also written for many Spiritualist journals, including THE NATIONAL SPIRITUALIST, of the National Spiritualist Association of Churches.


United Lodge of Theosophy


THE NATIONAL SPIRITUALIST Spread a Little Sunshine (Spiritualist newsletter) Sunflower Gazette (Spiritualist newsletter)


BA, Oral Roberts University MA, McCormick Theological Seminary Coursework at Chesterfield Seminary, Chesterfield, IN

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Recent Answers from Joel Bjorling

2015-01-11 life after Death?:

The Bible says that some things are like "seeing through a glass darkly.". Really, the only ones who actually know the truth about immortality are those who have died.  Remember Lazarus and the Rich Man

2015-01-10 life after Death?:

There are different views of the meaning of "soul".  There is the belief that the soul is the entire person, like " man became a living soul." There is a difference between the "immortality of the soul

2014-01-31 Spiritualism:

In terms of the American Spiritualist movement, which focused on mediumship to substantiate life after death, I don't know of any writings or teachings relating to generosity.  However, I would  check

2012-06-11 materialism:

Both the material and spiritual are important in life.  Jesus said, "Render to Caesar what is Caesar's, and render unto God what is God's."  We can't be entirely "spiritual" or entirely "material."  The

2012-01-17 Spiritualist church/mental health/sceptics:

The following books will give you the basic ideas of Scientology/Dianetics.  All are byt L. Ron Hubbard: DIANETICS: THE ORIGINAL THESIS, SCIENTOLOGY: 8-8008, SCIENCE OF SURVIVAL, SELF ANALYSIS, and SCIENTOLOGY:


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