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I can answer anything about High school Cross-country and Track (aside from shoes, namely brands of shoes). I can answer some questions about other High school sports, but they will take slightly longer to answer, and they probably won't be as in-depth. However, I will try to answer every question I get.

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I have been in high school cross-country for 3 years and I am going on to finish my final year of it. I tried out for 9th grade basketball, and I was a manager in that sport. Finally, I did three years of high school track. I have friends who have done high school sports also. I know someone who has done high school tennis for 3 years, now going on four. I know a few friends who have done high school volleyball for a year or two. I have 2 friends who have both done high school softball for 3 years, and I have friends who have done high school soccer for 3 years. Those were to just name a few.


Mountain View High School Mountain View High School Cross-country Team Mountain View High School Track Team


I believe that experience with high school sports should be credit enough to answer questions about them.

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Most-outstanding Sophomore Cross-country Girl (out of a group of 20-30 girls) Hardest Worker, in Track (my freshman year, out of a group of 40-50 girls)

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