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Robert M. Riddell, C.H.A., Estate Manager


I can answer most questions relating to the management of a fine home or estate, personnel, household services, vendors, employee and employer issues, and how to best manage these matters. Since the management of a household or estate, or several homes, requires a vast array of skills and expertise, there may be questions or advice that I may not be best qualified to answer, and I will tell you that. I have learned when it is best to call on experts in areas I have no knowledge or expertise.

Experience in the area

I have spent most of my career in the hospitality field. I came up through the ranks in hotels, having worked through all departments and all positions including General Manager of multiple hotels and as many as 110 full and part time employees. With this experience as a base, I studied all areas of Private Service I had little or no experience in, so I could gain what I needed to become proficient enough to become employed in private service as my profession. My first position was with wealthy individual that owned several private homes.


I am a Certified Hotel Administrator. I have studied most areas of hospitality from culinary through housekeeping to building maintenance and asset management early in my career. I have a certification in construction management along with practical experience that has helped me through many hotel and residential renovation projects. Throughout my career I have continued with my education in a variety of areas to enhance and improve my leadership and management performance on the job.

Awards and Honors

In a nutshell I have a wide variety of awards for everything from excellence in guest satisfaction, guest service, grounds beautification awards from local municipalities, many more from major hotel companies such as Marriott, Sheraton, and Hilton for high scores in guest and employee satisfaction and an award from the United States Army for outstanding service to a unit during a time of national crises during operation Desert Storm, and two Human Relations awards from The Dale Carnegie institute.

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