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I can answer almost any question about blink-182. I can answer questions about their backgrounds, growing up, the music, instruments, almost anything. I can't answer where exactly they live today.

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I've been a blink fan since '97 and have bought all their records.


high school

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Tkm02/17/101010thanks [=
sabrina12/14/09101010i really think you are soooo rad .....
Jenny10/03/09101010Thank you for the answers!
dan06/12/09101010cheers for the info doug

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2010-02-17 Blink182 Where Is Tom Delonge:

hey tkm  tom's mom still lives in poway but he's rarely there. he does live in encinitas but i wouldn't go to his house. you can join the AvA fan club and try through that, although you have to pay.  

2009-12-15 i need more!!!!:

Sabrina  Before the breakup  Tom wore Macbeth and Atticus clothing, his former company.  Mark wore the same thing.  Travis wore a lot of DC apparel and his own Famous line.  Tom loves Mel Gibson, Robert

2009-12-14 Blink 182:

Probably the best way for that to happen is to contact Rick Devoe, their manager. You can go to his facebook at and send him a message. Other than that

2009-12-14 i need more!!!!:

Sure thing.  Tom didn't start playing guitar until he was 15 years old and was away at camp and someone gave him one. He was really into skateboarding and still is but he has back problems now. He was

2009-12-04 i need more!!!!:

Sure Sabrina,, sorry for being late!  Some little known facts...  Travis is 5' 8", Tom is 6' 4", and Mark is 5' 11"  Tom: Orange and black  Mark: pink and blue  Travis: black  Tom's tattoos:  He has a


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