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I advise others on how to value a business, how to sell a business, and how to buy a business, and give guidance on critical issues such as negotiation and growth strategies. I have knowledge and experience in real estate investing, including company entity structures and raising investment funds.

Experience in the area

I have been a licensed agent and broker for over 12 years, selling commercial real estate, residential real estate, and businesses. I am a licensed building contractor of more than 20 years, and have both designed and built commercial and business structures, in addition to selling them.


California Association of Business Brokers, Contractor's State License Board, CA Association of Realtors, Better Business Bureau


The Contractor Investor, published by Phi Logos Publishing 2011, by Rhett Kniep (book on real estate investing for building contractors) Ezine Articles Diamond Author Blog


Certified Business Broker, California Association of Business Brokers, AA communications and am a student at Lincoln Law School in Sacramento. I have done numerous trainings over the years in real estate investing, real estate sales, and marketing.

Awards and Honors

Stormy Sebring College scholarship, Service Award Good New Rescue Mission, Film School certificate

What do you like about this subject?

Selling and buying a small business is tremendously challenging, but equally rewarding. Because sellers and buyers alike invest so much of their personal lives into a transaction, including time, money, and thought, to achieve a successful transaction is vital, affecting lives for years or even decades. It is a very noble calling to guide people in such a monumental decision.

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One in three businesses for sale...never sell.

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sam06/13/16101010Thanks for the straight forward answer!
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Brian02/18/15101010Thank you for the input! Very helpful .....
S. Mahabir01/29/13101010 

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Hi Sam      An intangible asset is really no different from a physical asset - it's value is primarily found by its ability to bring in money. There are many ways in which the value is established, however

2016-04-07 Selling a small business:

Hi Chris    Thanks for your question. I apologize for taking a while to answer.    Almost every business is value is based upon one main thing: income. But it's not gross income, nor is it net income.

2015-02-09 Home-Based Biz Valuation:

Hi Brian    I do basic business evaluations. There are very expensive and ultra detailed versions but typically those are for larger, more complex operations.     I normally charge $600 for a full evaluation

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Hi Prashant    Thanks for your question.     I really cannot answer this question because there are just too many variables. The investment capital depends on so many things: how large an operation, whether

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Hi Igor    Thanks for your question.     Sounds like you have a good business going there. The profit margin seems really high - over half of your gross revenue is profit? Not sure how you are calculating


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