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Though averse to the credential-mills and transcendent of enculturation, education in any venue is a work in progress for us all. I do have a college education. Google full name for more information and personal contact (this is a public forum).

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Peter03/16/13101010More than anticipated. Thank you.
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2016-03-18 The Soul after Death!:

Greetings Javane from St. Andrew, Jamaica!    I had to think about how to make this only 2-pages long; this is a hot topic that's been debated for millennia. I'm actually writing a book on this very topic

2013-07-17 I need good christian preachers name:

Brother Yusuf: Namaste!   You are asking me (specifically, an Anabaptist) for a good preacher's name, and I must assume that you need an online resource since you are in Maharashtra (and I'm in the USA)

2013-03-26 Gay Marriage:

Greetings! I am sorry if this seems like a diversion from the specific question, but please bear with me. The question fits into a much larger scenario, because it focuses on one factor within a much larger

2013-03-15 Green Christianity? Christian Environmentalism?:

The answer to this question would also answer many other similar questions that people might ask, though many will not like the answer. Simply put: When an individual gets totally serious about knowing

2012-02-13 Divinity of Jesus...:

Greetings! This is a very long questionnaire; more of a sermon really: However, I admire and appreciate the effort and time you spent writing it; I will reciprocate. There are many questions embedded here


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