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I can answer questions related to common freshwater aquatic plant species. I can also answer questions about any aspect of freshwater fish care. *This is the place where you can ask me questions if I am ‘Maxed Out’ in my main category, ‘Freshwater Aquarium’.* Questions regarding care, trimming, and general conditions are welcomed. There are many plants available in the hobby that would go well with most fish. There are very easy to care for plants, and I can advise you on what's best for your setup. Plants in a freshwater aquarium setting generally require three things, light, presence of nutrients, and minimal fish aggression towards the plant(s). I can also answer questions related to any problems you may encounter with freshwater plants. I cannot answer and technical questions related to pressurized CO2 injection systems, nor questions about saltwater aquariums.

Experience in the area

I have kept freshwater fish tanks, containing both fish and plants, for many years, and I am experienced with a variety of different freshwater species and invertebrates, such as Tetras, Barbs, Loaches, Danios, Livebearers, Cichlids, Goldfish, Bettas, Catfish, Shrimp, and Snails. I have helped people set up aquariums, and I am very familiar with aquarium products and equipment. I have kept various species of freshwater aquarium plants, too. I have also bred many fish, and I always care for my fish in the best way possible. Take a daily check of your plants, to make sure that they're thriving! I am also an expert in the "Freshwater Aquarium" Category, feel free to check me out!


I own a large collection of books, magazines, and other articles related to all aspects of keeping both fish and plants in an aquarium environment. I have researched many different components of plant-keeping, and through books and reliable internet sources, I have gained a thorough knowledge of plant species and care information.

What do you like about this subject?

Plants provide an excellent addition to any aquarium. They offer natural-looking beauty to a fish tank setting. Live plants are far superior to fake ones, because they consume toxic compounds in the water, such as Nitrate, and the produce oxygen by consuming CO2 via photosynthesis. They reduce fish stress. I would definitely recommend them!

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

There are endless species of aquarium plants, and nobody has kept every single species. new types are beginning to be discovered every day; Have you purchased yours yet?

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

Benefits of live plants over plastic or silk ones: a)Produce oxygen b)Consume toxic compounds c)Consume CO2 d)Reduce fish stress e)Provide hiding places f)Enhances newborn fry protection You see, live plants are much better!

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

Sunlight! Many people believe that putting their tank in direct sunlight is essential in keeping plants, to promote photosynthesis. It's a good theory, but you CANNOT put your tank in direct sunlight, because excess algae will start to grow in your tank, covering everything and making a once beautiful aquarium unsightly. Fluorescent lighting is enough for most species.

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