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I will do my best to answer all the questions that is related to Microsoft Windows 7 Operating System.

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I am an experienced computer technical in the field of Networking , Hardware Support , Operating System Support and Troubleshooting.


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2014-01-02 portable music device:

Hello Theresa    unfortunately I don't use portable media players my self but iv helped friends who have portable devices.  when a friend asks me to do that I rip them and make sure they are mp3 with "

2013-12-13 Malware:

Hello Kenneth  they are  spyware and adware programs , they try to trick people to buy fake stuff , usually most of them get installed when you get infected with a Trojan , as long as the Trojan doesn't

2013-12-09 issue with slow Windows 7 file indexing:

Hello Theo  I don't think it has to do with the # of files , I have folders that contains more than 8000 files in there and they still open fine  but I can think of one little thing if you go to that folder

2013-10-30 what I don't know and am asking for your input is .....:

Hello Fred     not for me m everybody has a computer geek in the family now a days so you would actually want to lower your prices a little bit      Major ISP companies usually charge per visit , for example

2013-10-25 the cloud:

Good Morning Savannah  cloud storage is basically having your data on the go , you can access it from any machine type computer desktop  , laptop , tablet , phone running windows or mac or android or any


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