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As I have been volunteering in the 'windows' category since the inception of AllExperts, which has now moved to numerous windows categories. I will therefore be happy to answer any Windows 7,8 and 10 based question. What can't I answer? Not much, as this is the main reason I volunteered here, because I am hopeful the questions I can not answer will allow me to investigate the problem so that I can answer it. The TIPS and SOFTWARE support through my website at can also be of some help.

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I have owned my own computer consulting business for the past 17 years and since the very beginning I have volunteered with AllExperts in the hopes I would be able to learn from others mistakes and problems. The goal for me is to be able to research any problem I don't initially have the answer to, in the hopes I will be able to further benefit for my own clients when they come across a similar problem.


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I grew up with computers, from the first Apple IIC, back when Bill Gates was a student himself! For the past 17 years I have been providing technical services from building computers to constructing complete control rooms. Working with CTV I have helped produce the 1994 Olympic Games in Lillehammer, Norway. Later, designing and construction of "instant replay control rooms' for the Big Screens found in Stadiums and Coliseums.

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Michael11/11/16101010Excellent answer!

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2016-11-11 Modifying text in website comment fields:

Hello Michael    Typically the ctrl-b is the method to get your text in bold however depending on the website's comment text box it may not allow this and other 'hidden' methods may be necessary.     The

2016-10-27 keyboard entry:

Hello Again    To be honest, if you have tried everything and you are still having issues.. and this is a wireless keyboard then I would suggest trying a new wireless keyboard.. my guess is you got a bad

2016-10-25 keyboard entry:

Hello Don    There are quite a number of possible problems to your computer. The fact that you mention it never worked quite right, right out of the box, this is actually pretty normal, considering all

2016-10-19 Power meter:

Hello Wayne    If you haven't already performed a restart of your computer, you should do so.  There is also a good chance that windows updates may be required and/or malware has removed this.    I suggest

2016-08-27 Deleting a write-protected folder:

Hello Wayne    The following easy steps should do the trick:    Step 1  Click the Windows "Start" button and choose "Computer" from the menu to launch Windows Explorer.  Step 2  Navigate to the folder


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