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I can answer questions based on the Windows 7 environment as in;

  • Procedural common troubleshooting such as BLUE SCREENS,Frozen screens..ETC
  • Operating System upgrade/downgrade procedural advice...
  • Installation/Removal/Elevation of programs...
Windows XP assistance please visit WINDOWS XP TROUBLESHOOTING. For questions based on Viruses and Infections please visit COMPUTER SECURITY & VIRUSES.

Experience in the area

I have got self-attained experience in the Windows 7 working environment. PS:I DON'T ACCEPT PRIVATELY BASED QUESTIONS


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Derrick07/27/1610Did not solve the problem but thanks .....
Eddie04/05/15101010Simple and straight to the point.
james08/31/14101010thank you and happy september to you .....
sumazu01/28/14101010Hi Lenny, Thank you very much

Recent Answers from Lenny

2016-08-27 Deleting a write-protected folder:

Hello Wayne,     1>Click the Windows "Start" button and choose "Computer" from the menu to launch Windows Explorer.    2>Navigate to the folder that contains the read-only file.    3>Right-click the file

2015-03-31 laptop freezes and restart till graphic recovered:

Hello Eddie,    From the looks of it, after a thorough investigation of your problem it seems that your computer's graphic card drivers are out of date. They require immediate attention and are great chaos

2014-08-30 red x:

Hello James,    Thanks for your question James. The particular RED X indicates a disabled device within the Operating System.    ->Please confirm that the Wireless Switch(located on the sides of the laptop-depends

2014-02-03 memory:

 Hello Bob,      I gather you are trying to find out how much RAM is required to pro-efficiently run a Windows 7 OS-based machine. In response to this, my terminologies rely on the make and speed of the

2013-08-09 windows won't shut down and hangs up:

Hello Don,       Please perform a System Restore by selecting the oldest restore point that only contains System Updates.       Do this whilst disconnected from the Internet. If that does not work for


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