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I have familiarized myself with the windows environment since Windows 95. Windows 7 is one of the best operating systems i am familiar with, and am willing to help anybody with problems they may have. Be it hardware, software, or simply the Windows environment itself.

Experience in the area

I have repaired computers most of my life. I am the site administrator of many websites for businesses including (but not limited to): (my site),, and more. I do local computer repair in my area and have a very satisfied clientele.


I am a Network Engineer at Southern Illinois Network Consultants and an EOD Technician for the U.S. Army.


I am currently a student at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. I am majoring in Criminal Justice with a second major in Computer Science.

Awards and Honors

Corporation Ambassador for Courtesy Corporation.

Past/Present Clients

Valley Ranch and Cabins - Wisconsin

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Recent Answers from Chris

2016-10-19 Power meter:

Thanks for the follow-up.    This next set of instructions should allow you to re-enable the greyed out option.  After following these steps, follow the first set of instructions as needed.  Please note

2016-10-19 Power meter:

Thanks for your question, Wayne!     Re-enabling this feature is pretty straightforward.    -First, you're going to go down to your Taskbar (the area with the icons). Right click, and select 'Properties'

2016-08-27 Deleting a write-protected folder:

Hello, Wayne.  Thank you for your question!    In order to delete a write protected file or folder, you have to disable the "Read Only" attributes of said object.  To do so you will have to:    - Right

2016-05-18 downloads:

Lee,    Yes, that is the unfortunate side of technology. In order to keep hardware running efficiently, the manufacturer of the processor (in this case, Intel) will occasionally release system updates

2016-05-18 downloads:

Hello, Lee. Thanks for your question.     What that person probably did was download some updates to your system and install them. This being the case,you can absolutely delete the files from the download


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