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I am an expert in the Bible. I can answer any question concerning beliefs that are based upon the presupposition that the Bible is the Word of God. I have been a volunteer on this site since 2003. I wish to add this category in order to help those who believe the Bible, but have not chosen a denomination.

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I have been in the ministry for 25 years. During this time I served as youth pastor, assistant pastor, counselor, and Senior Pastor. Currently I serve as a Senior Pastor for an independent fundamental Baptist Church in New England. I am also a professor teaching night College at New England School of the Bible.


Evangelical Baptist Church New England School of the Bible


BS in Bible and Pastoral ministries from Baptist Bible College in Clarks Summit PA. Church Planter - 4 years Senior Pastor of Evangelical Baptist Church in Torrington CT - 10 years Professor at New England School of the Bible - 5 years Local Cable TV talk show host - 4 years.

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Ketura11/07/13101010Thank you, this helps a ton!
Bill07/29/13101010Hi, thank you so much for answering .....
Bob02/14/13101010Ok thanks, I think I understand now .....
bill09/17/12101010thanks so much
Lenin02/08/121010Thank you for the great answer.

Recent Answers from Pastor Don Carpenter

2015-02-01 sin:

Hi Joe,    Thank you for this great question.  I am so sorry for this very late response.    Jesus never sinned.  He was born perfect, and remained sinless.  If not, He could not have been a proper sacrifice

2015-01-31 Church employment tithe/attendance requirement:

Hi Paul,    Thank you for this very interesting question.  I am very sorry for my late response.  I hope to give you some perspective that you may not have considered.    1.  Many churches have the philosophy

2014-09-04 trinity:

Hi Naresh    Thanks for your question.  I am sorry for my late response.  Yes, God is three persons.    The Bible tells us that there is a godhead.     “For the invisible things of him from the creation

2013-11-06 Christianity v. Hinduism:

Hi Ketura    Thank you for this great question.    I do think that there is a kind of spiritual masquerade going on... but not Jesus taking the form of other false gods... it is the forces of darkness

2013-07-21 was Jesus racist?:

Hi Bill,    Thanks for this great question.  I sure can understand why this would bother you if you for one minute believed that Jesus might be a racist.  Let me start by saying... no He is not a racist


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