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I can answer questions about all aspects of technical theater. Specific categories are lighting, sound, rigging, scenic construction, unions, and the industry as a whole. I can not answer questions about costumes or makeup.

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15 years in live theater production/live concert production.


BFA in Technical Theater - Emerson College

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Recent Answers from Brian Isaacs

2015-05-18 Trapless acting area:

For the venetian blind thing I think that might work.  sort of a neat idea. you will need to use something stronger than monofillament though  i really cant answer the issue of moving the set pieces around

2012-05-18 Final project?:

First imagine how you see the scene in your head. Is it mostly garden elements - trees, flowers? Or is it more statuary?   Sketch how you see it, or look at some pictures to get your idea flushed out.

2012-03-22 ETC Express MSC:  Check the following:    Device ID set in QLab & the Express.   USE MSC not MIDI.  All cue numbers and q lists must match.  check for

2011-05-17 equity card:

It sounds to me like the theater is using her internship to get her her card via the EMC program.  She would have to apply to get her card at the start of the internship and then do her 50 hours to become

2010-10-19 Questions on being a sound a light tech:

This career can be fun and challenging. Depending on the specific aspect you are interested in there are a wide variety of different directions you can take.  For example, you can be a sound tech/lighting


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