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Chris F.A. Johnson


I can answer any questions on using and programming the Unix shell, including the standard POSIX shell and bash.

Experience in the area

I have been writing shell programs since 1990 and have written two books on the subject, both published by Apress.


Pro Bash Programming:Scripting the GNU/Linux Shell, Apress 2009 Shell Scripting Recipes: A Problem-Solution Approach, Apress 2005


I completed a Unix systems administrator course given by AT&T Canada.

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David07/09/13101010Thanks for the answer, which actually worked .....

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2015-09-23 Loop through file in directory:

There are two parts to your question:    1) To build a list of files to process    2) to read the first line of each    If the files are all in the current directory the list of files is simply: *    Or

2013-07-08 Searching tool:

Call the script with the search string as an argument. For example, if you call it "search":    

  search "ABC DEF"  
 Or you can do it without creating a script; just use it at the command line:

2013-07-08 Searching tool:

  #!/bin/sh  searchstring=${1?Please supply a search string}  grep -lr "$searchstring" "$PWD"  

2010-06-30 Running shell script from a web browser:

Given that the web server is set up to allow CGI scripts (most are),  the steps are as follows:    1. Use a shebang on the first line of the script that tells the server  what shell to use to run the script


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