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I can answer all types of questions regarding ferns: their physiology, life cycle, taxonomy, culture (for both the professional and hobbyist), home and garden application and care, site suitability, and more. I can also answer questions in the fields of greenhouse production, foliage plants, and houseplant care, along with questions in the general field of ornamental horticulture. I may be able to identify fern and foliage plants by photo, but I am unlikely to be able to do it by description (though I will never turn down a challenge). I am not an expert in crop, field, and agronomic production. I am not an expert on annuals, perennials, tree & shrub crops.

Experience in the area

I am a horticulturist with a formal education and twelve years experience in commercial fern and tropical foliage production. I also served as Adjunct Professor of Horticulture at Florida Southern College.


Florida's Nursery Growers and Landscape Association: current member and Action Chapter Board Member 2006-2008.


I have a BSc in Environmental Horticulture / Business from Florida Southern College, specializing in Greenhouse Management and Production.

Awards and Honors

FNGLA Action Chapter President's Award 2006-2007, numerous academic awards 2001-2005.

Past/Present Clients

Through my place of employment, I serve hundreds of commercial growers across the country and beyond.

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Recent Answers from Dan Carmi

2016-10-17 Staghorn:

There are quite a few reasons why a staghorn would start yellowing, so we  would need to go through a check list of questions to try and pinpoint your exact cause.    Water: is the plant mounted where

2016-10-16 Staghorn:

Carol hi;  Are you able to send me a few photos or more detailed information about your plant, such as how long you have had it, how is it mounted, where it is kept,and whether there are other symptoms

2016-04-26 staghorn:

Mike hi;    To better answer this question, I may need to look at a couple of pictures of the plant: the entire plant and up close of a curled leaf ("frond").    Generally, this can be caused by a variety

2016-04-06 fern browning:

This fern has been burnt, most likely by sun or frost.  Cutting off the burnt fronds at the base would help it recover faster. I would also suggest transplanting (re-potting) to a much larger container

2016-03-18 frost bite:

Nick hi;    To properly answer your question, I would need to know what ferns these are.    However, in general, here are my suggestions:    The dark green fronds will NOT recover.  They will eventually


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