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Anything and everything Bush... I'll try any question!

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Current Bush Forum Member.....I've followed them since their sixteen stone days. I've seen them play loads of times and even met them a handful of times as well. I also have my own bush web site www.onesecondbush.com

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I'm a huge fan...I've spent alot of time listening & learning. And I never get tired of them. And I hope they never get tired of playing.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

Looking forward to hearing any unreleased material.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

They released one single under their original name 'Future Primitive'. All of them also released records with other bands before they were in Bush. Dave-Transvision Vamp, Robin- Beautiful People, Nigel- King Blank, Gavin - Midnight. Check my web site for more info. Look under Bush related-- for other strange facts.

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Is Bush getting back together? Is Nigel out for good? Will Gavin every make amends?

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Ricardo09/29/12Language a bit complicated... but good and .....
Jessica11/22/01101010Thankyou very very very much !!!!

Recent Answers from Laura

2011-09-19 What kind of guitar and effects pedals does the ex-guitarist (band memeber) Nigel Pulsford use?:

Fender Strat with Seymore Duncan cool rail. The effects are tough to answer because he uses a bunch of different vintage pedals. With Razorblade Suitcase Nigel mentioned that he mentioned that he put foil

2006-06-27 the song glycerine:

I have many quotes of Gavin trying to explain the song.. it is a love song of sorts. And he did write it because of a girl. Check out the quotes below to get a better idea.    thanks  Laura      "I was

2005-04-11 Bush- the song Glycerine:

Literally glycerine means : glycerine [n.] it's short for nitroglycerine, a highly explosive substance... which I believe Gavin was trying to infer that his relationship with 'Jasmine' (his girlfriend

2004-06-28 Singles history:

everything zen  little things  comedown  machinehead  glycerine  swallowed  greedy fly  bonedriven  cold contagious  personal holloway  mouth (remix)  the chemicals between us  letting the cables sleep

2001-11-21 Tour:

Right now & unitl the end of the year (mid December) they'll just be doing Europe. Then in February they'll be launching a massive tour in the US. Which will most likely include canada. The dates for these


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