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I can answer questions that involve nutrition, fitness and weight loss issues. I'm also able to answer questions for chronic, lifestyle-driven conditions, such as high cholesterol/triglycerides, high BP/hypertension, atherosclerosis/heart disease, systemic inflammation, arthritis, high blood sugar, obesity, etc.

Experience in the area

I've been passionate about health and nutrition for 20 years, and I have researched and written about the areas I listed above. I handled the ingredient and formula research for Amrion, a nutraceutical company. I also helped to create some of their formulas. See social media icons or more info. I have a blog ( with numerous posts I've researched and written. I've also compiled hundreds of research studies and other resources for the site.


None currently.


I've published numerous posts on my site (End Sickness Now) and articles through I've also answered health-oriented questions on websites including Linkedin and Facebook groups (Nutrition, Weight Loss, etc.), Webanswers, Quora, and more.


I'm a Certified Nutrition/Fitness and Health Coach through two different programs: Venice Nutrition and Fowler Wainwright International.

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I've had clients for health and life coaching but the information is kept confidential.

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2016-12-28 Chocolate and wine:

Hey John:    These are valid questions to ask. First, dark chocolate does have some health benefits, especially for its anti-oxidants and polyphenols. Also, dark chocolate, such as bitter sweet, also has

2016-10-14 Anti inflammatory:

Hey Joyce:    That Arnica gel is available. I think I bought some online, and my previous massage therapist sold a big tube for about $15.00. You might try E-bay. I think Target has some for about $8.00

2016-10-13 Anti inflammatory:

I found some info that might be helpful and I'll include some links below. I do wonder if the pimple, along with the blood pressure meds could cause a bruise? I found some people online who thought they

2016-10-10 Anti inflammatory:

So sorry I didn't see this question earlier. My e-mail has been giving me problems lately, including today!     I haven's heard of a situation like this before, but I'm glad it's not painful. If it was

2016-08-17 Strange Case of Low Iron:

Hey!    Thanks for those additional details!    So yes, she is at the low range for iron and ferritin and her lowest was shortly after she started on the new iron supplement, tested just after she started


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