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2011-05-12 Kate Bush - Army Dreamers:

According to the notes on the album:  "Army Dreamers: Bodhran - Stuart Elliott; Acoustic Guitar, Backing Vocals - Brian Bath; Backing Vocals and Mandolin - Paddy Bush; Backing Vocals, Electric & Bass Acoustic

2007-08-30 Kate Bush lyrics:

To know what Kate Bush meant to the meaning of a song, either an interview about that songs would have needed to taken place, or I (or someone I know) could ask her directly.  Unfortunately neither of

2006-07-26 KateTopia videocasette, also on DVD ?:

There has been an effort to put it onto DVD, and I hear it's very good, but there was a breakdown in who was chosen to do the copying and apparently many people lost their money when somebody ran off with

2005-10-07 Demo's:

Several people have copies of the best available versions of the demos, better than any bootleg (in fact it has been reported that the demo MP3s online are better than most bootlegs, even though they were

2002-10-07 Kate Bush new Material:

Nothing official, although a good news site (run by a fan) at:  http://homepage.eircom.net/~twoms/katenews.htm  has interviews with various other artists, who have said something is coming soon (eg due


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