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Am familiar with her discography of album and rare songs, also early demos, access to lyrics, basic biography and good knowledge of kate trivia. Don`t know all the answers but might know where to look!

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fan since 1978, avid collector and co-moderator of yahoo group Rolling the Ball

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Yvonne09/04/10101010Thanks John...I didn't think so either
Alicia01/20/10101010Thanks so much. Yu have really clarfied .....
Gail02/11/06101010Thank You John regards Gail
karen11/12/05101010thanks for helping me the answer was .....

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2010-01-19 The message if the song "This Womans Work" byMaxwell:

Hi Alicia, A song originally composed for the soundtrack of the film She's Having A Baby,(A 1988 film written, produced, and directed by John Hughes, starring Kevin Bacon, for which Kate composed the song)

2007-11-10 Hello Earth & Tsiv Tskaro:

David, sorry for the delay. I was on my way home from London so didn't get the question until I got home. I held off answering because my head needed a little time to adjust after the flight. London to

2006-04-09 lyrics:

Dennis this is what I found:  [A Georgian traditional song "Tsiv Tskaro" is sung several times]          "Tiefer, tiefer, irgendwo in der Tiefe gibt es ein Licht."  [English: Deeper,deeper somewhere

2006-01-04 :

Don't know about the first chorus, I always took it that the numbers are in the verses since they don't repeat. As far as I can recall she sings pi to 137 decimal places though there is a block of 22 numbers

2005-11-30 origin of 2 Kate Bush posters:

raymond I'm not sure what the question is but though I can't be sure the lakeside one may have some connection to the De Efteling special filmed in Holland May 1978 http://www.xs4all.nl/~gniletfe/katebush


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