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I can answer a most questions,especially in regards to Kate`s song and album titles , lyrics , song and lyric meanings as well as Kate Bush history and trivia.I am not at all up to speed on Kate`s demo recordings(I hope to find them on eBay sometime soon) but very informed on all studio albums!

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I've been a huge Kate fan for about twenty five years and have researched on the web.I own and listen to all of her studio albums all the time!


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Recent Answers from Lee Bastian

2008-01-24 Kate Bush:

Hello Maeve and thanks for the question.I really doubt there is any truth to that.All my info says Kate lives in the London area,with a residence in Kent and another in Devon.But,I will add that Kate does

2007-12-27 Kate Bush Lyrics:

Hello Jason and thank you for the question.Yes,this song is food for thought and the video is also kind of spooky.The song is basically about a mad scientist type whose underlings are not really aware

2007-10-27 running up that hill:

Hello Mia and thanks for your question.I think the children's programme you are thinking of is BBC's 1986 children's television drama titled,"Running Scared".I don't know anything about the programme itself

2007-10-09 kate bush demos:

Hey Steve,I'm always happy to hear from a big fan of Kate.I did find out about the downloads on Dongray's shortly after joining Allexperts,I guess I should update my blurb.And yes,some are incredible considering

2007-09-21 Kate Bush Lyrics and Meaning??:

Hello Karen and thank you for your question.Kate Bush wrote the song "This Woman's Work" specifically for a movie.That movie was John Hughes' "She's Having a Baby".He sent Kate a clip of a particular scene


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