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All questions concerning conversion to Judaism. Also counter-missionary questions.

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I am a convert myself and have participated in several websites over the years assisting potential and new converts.


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Recent Answers from Ovadiah ben Avraham

2014-05-05 acceptance:

You ask a particularly good question. The basic and overall answer I will give you is that they are supposed to but don't always. The Torah says there will be one law for the born and converted Jew. However

2013-11-17 Conversion:

I'm glad you found the information useful. The conversion process is a little shorter in the more liberal branches of Judaism but in general you can expect to spend at least a year of intensive study and

2012-09-07 Conversion Question:

Amy,  Thank you for your question. It is difficult to be a Jew, much more so in isolation. Much of your conversion studies will take place with your rabbi in the synagogue. Most rabbis will not convert

2012-06-05 conversion:

Phil,  You ask a great question. The amount of Hebrew you would need depends greatly on which 'sect' of Judaism you are drawn to (Orthodox services being almost entirely done in Hebrew; Reform more English)

2012-06-02 Conversion:

Amy,  Excellent question. When you come up from the mikvah (ritual bath), you are a new creature. The rabbis will often ask you to bless them because you are, at that moment, the holiest person in the


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