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As a convert to Judaism and a student of the world's religions I can assist with those nagging questions that perspective converts often have including: "What about Jesus?" "Which movement should I affiliate with? "Which holidays should I observe?" "Can I convert without my spouse?" "How can I convert?" "Is Judaism right for me?" "I think I've lived before, does Judaism accept this possibility?" "What if I'm already circumcised?" There are so many questions... Just ask. Conversion can be difficult but also very rewarding. I'm here for you.

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My own sojourn to Judaism has taken me many years of study and prayer. I've studied most of the world's religions in depth and determined this to be the right path for me. Judaism does not claim to be the only way to G-d; its our way. If you have questions about converting to Judaism or taking up the Path of the Righteous Gentiles (Noahides) I can assist with information and an understanding compassionate ear. I've been an AllExperts volunteer in other categories for several years and have for over 15 years answered questions and written over a thousand topical posts and studies online.

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In-depth study of Judaism, conversion into Judaism, three Christian ordinations (Baptist, Calvary Chapel and through an independent Christian Church), an MA in Religious Studies, an ordination in Ministry and Spiritual Counseling from the Interfaith Seminaries, 40 plus years of sincere seeking/practice in various religions. Author of and other websites and blogs.

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I believe discovering and embracing ones spiritual identity is the most important thing we can do. I honor all sincere seekers of Truth regardless of their spiritual practice. In answering questions and assisting others I learn and develop through the interplay as well. This is my bliss, as Joseph Campbell might put it. I don't have all the answers, but maybe I help you clarify things.

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Judaism is VERY diverse. From the ultra-Orthodox groups like the Heredim to the liberal Reform, Judaism offers a home to an incredibly diverse spectrum of beliefs and practices. While this is a great strength, it can also be a gateway to confusion for those considering conversion.

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It is a great mitzvah to be happy always! Likutey Moharan II, 24

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