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I can answer a many questions about writer's block. I am particularly helpful in the areas of character development, storyline development, etc. and I can provide authors with an array of tools to help them organize their work. I am also quite good at discussing how to work in symbolism, allegory and themes throughout your piece. As a psychology major I can help you answer questions about a character's behaviors or motivations.

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I minored in English for my Bachelor's degree. I have also written several books and I run a small publishing company. I have written both fiction and non-fiction books and I have been published in newspapers and written articles for major internet websites.


Alpha Chi, Psi Chi, Kappa Delta Pi, APA


MS, Educational Psychology, BS Psychology (English minor)

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2014-10-06 Expressing a concept:

Hi Robert, this is a good question. I'll do my best to answer it.    What you are describing is a complicated concept, and one that is not easily taught to beginner students. The first thing that I would

2014-06-10 Character interactions :):

Hi Ingrid,     I apologize for the delay in my writing. Your question isn't silly and you shouldn't feel foolish. You just hit upon the single most important element that sets a great story apart from

2014-01-05 writers block:

Hi Ashley,     I always love a good fictional story. I especially love it when it makes sense. :) As a writer myself I find that the best way to work through these roadblocks is to list the questions that


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