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I can answer questions on how foster care works, the difference between social workers and JPOs, questions regarding Guardian at Light-dim, childrens emotional state and group homes.

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I was in the foster care system for several years lived in group homes and foster homes had a social worker and lived with children who had JPOs.


I wrote a term paper on the long lasting effects of child abuse and the states role in helping the children and families.

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2013-07-15 Parents and Sexuality as the Basis for Rejecting Adoption Request:

Hello Lour,     I have to tell you in this particular situation I don't have the answers you seek. However in my personal believes you have every right to become a parent no matter your gender. What I

2013-05-05 Please help:

Kayla,          What you and your father have witnessed is child abuse and substance abuse. Your niece deserves better than what your sister can offer. Now you mentioned that your father has power of attorney

2013-03-26 Rock and a Hard Place - Parental Rights:

Hello Jamie,      This really is a tough situation. Here is what I know.     A Non-Blood Relative CAN become the sole guardian of a child, however there are more rules and restrictions that apply. those

2013-02-06 emancipation:

Hello Rachel,       In your state you have to be at least 16 years of age and have to have lived in your state for at least 6 months. What you are going to have to do  is petition the court for your emancipation

2012-08-26 long term foster care:

Dear Jomaria,        I have spent the past few days searching for the most accurate statistic to answer your question unfortunately I believe that children that have been in the foster care system whom


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