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Nancy K Baumgarten, M.L.A.


I can answer most questions on parenting psychic and intuitive children, from infants on. Questions can be about special parenting requirements, "PSI Emergency First Aid" for those momentary fears, advocacy in school issues, and support and I can provide suggestions for games and books for intuitively gifted children and teens. I can help you determine whether your child is psychically/spiritually gifted, and I can point you to more information and some extracurricular programs, but not being a medical professional, I can`t "diagnose" for sure whether a specific child is merely psychic, or psychic AND in need of mental health services. Please see Awareness Questionnaire on the BIOFIELD Senses and Human MindField Powers.

Experience in the area

I am the parent of a psychic and highly gifted child and have been working with other parents of intuitive children for 15 years, having studied metaphysics for 40 years and re-discovering my own intuitive and psychic perceptions. I co-founded an international summer camp for psychically gifted families, and an educational organization. I have presented workshops at ChildSpirit Institute conferences and at Association for Experiential Education and consulted on the first Psychic Kids TV Show. Our website honoring the intuitive faculties of all people of any age is:


Profound Awareness Institute, Director Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) Education Writers Association


Spirit in the Smokies Magazine


I have a bachelor's degree in Geography, an MLA in Landscape Architecture (UGA), and begun work on a PhD in Metaphysics/Therapeutic Counseling. Metaphysics 2 yr certificate from School of Metaphysics, and 3 yr course in Sacred Geometry Program. I am researching and writing a book on a new model of the senses. I was administrator of our home school for 7 years, to honor this innate human faculty in my own child.

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Parents of psychic children, nationally and internationally; teens and 20-somethings; and elders wishing to reconnect with their childhood knowing.

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