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I have not yet come across any antique rug related questions that if I did not know I could not find the right answer for. I have been interviewed by numerous antique rug websites, blogs, and magazines and am consistently referred to as a source for information on antique rugs, carpets, and textiles.

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I have been in the antique rug trade for over 13 years and deal regularly with the most well respected auction houses in the world (Sotheby's, Christies, Butterfield's & Bonham's, etc.) as well as interior designers and decorators, retail customers, and other dealers. I also purchase fine antique pieces and have traveled the world in search of the best of the best.


Antique Oriental Rugs by Nazmiyal


I have sold fine antique rugs for over 13 years and continue to deal with them on a daily basis. Since this is my career, I make it my prerogative to know everything there is about what I do and the pieces I deal with.

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2016-09-09 Antique Asian rug or Textile:

Hi Dorean,    I cant really make out what it is from the image you submitted. Can you please take better pictures and close up detailed images?    Thank you so much,    Omri    --   Omri Schwartz    Gallery

2016-07-23 Olga Fisch 2x3 Rug/wall hanging:

Hi Sarah,    if you content any local and reputable rug dealer, I am sure they could take care of the cleaning and the pilling issues. I could not see the "issues" that you mentioned so my guess is that

2016-07-18 1930 Karastan Rug:

Hi Noelle,    Karastan rugs are machine made carpets that were produced in very large numbers. Unfortunately, they do not have much of a resale value. I would suggest either donating it to get a tax write-off

2016-06-18 Textile:

Hello,    Unfortunately, I would need to see much better images of this textile to be able to assist you. My guess is that you are looking for some sort of estimated value - right?    It looks like a machine

2016-05-19 Vintage Rug runner:

Hi Jonathan,    The more modern made rugs (such as this one) copy and re-invent patterns from all kinds of places and time periods. So it is very difficult to attribute the design to any one specific location


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