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Michael D. Saxe D.M.D.


All questions related to Pediatric Dentistry, Dental Growth, Dental Trauma, First Dental visit, Baby Bottle tooth Decay, Dental Sedation, Etc...

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20 years private practice as a Pediatric Dentist, Staff at University Of Nevada School of Dental Medicine, Advanced Education Program in Pediatric Dentistry.


ADA, AAPD, Nevada dental society, Clark County Dental Society, Cal. AAPD, Western society of Pediatric Dentistry, Southern Nevada CFA Team core member.


ASDC Journal


Washington University in Saint Louis, Dental School University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio, residency

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Top pediatric Dental office 6 years in a row.

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Recent Answers from Michael D. Saxe D.M.D.

2016-04-21 no adult tooth after almost a year:

Laterals are know for taking time to come in.  When centrals are large they tend to take up a lot of room, making it harder for the lateral to come in. They will push through but may be a lapse in the

2016-02-15 Palate Expansion for child?:

Palatal expansion should not be done till the full eruption of the permanent 1st molar around 7 years of age. Cannot evaluate need for orthodontics till enough teeth are in.  Normally we like to see spacing

2016-02-15 Missing 6 year molar?:

It is hard to evaluate the eruption of the tooth with out looking at x rays if you can send me a copy of it I can give you a better evaluation. The top laterals come in at 8 - 9 years old so no issue yet

2016-01-28 Root canal on a 4 year old:

First we do not do root canels on baby teeth. We do a procedure that removes the infected nerve tissues called a pulpotomy or pulpectomy. It is important to prevent damage to the developing tooth underneath

2015-12-08 Dental Extraction:

most pediatric dentist do not numb both sides of the mouth at the same time, it makes it hard for the child to swallow and can be dangerous. If you need both out I would recommend going to an oral surgeon


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