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I've spent a decade building primitive bows and arrow , a majority of them made utilizing nothing but stone tools . That particular weapon has been perfected by me and I have successfully hunted the elusive whitetail deer with primitive sinew backed bows , rawhide bowstrings , hazel shafting fletched with turkey feathers and handmade flint-knapped points . In the aspects of primitive survival , I can answer just about any question regarding shelter construction in all environments , water purification utilizing primitive methods , fire making and maintaining with the bow drill , and trapping and tracking / observation . This also includes clothing making from buckskin and cordage making . Medicinal and edible plants are also engrained in my mind . I have spent years perfecting these unique and individualized skills . I have spent 5 months and 12 days in the New Hampshire bush with nothing but a heavy knife , a whetstone , and the clothes on my back .

Experience in the area

Like I have stated earlier , my knowledge boils down to everyday experience for nearly a decade . I started practicing primitive survival skills since a very early age . About 1 year ago when I was living in Newport , New Hampshire I quit my job and put my stuff into storage ( having my savings pay off the monthly fee ) and spent 5 months and 12 days exactly , living in the northern bush ( early fall through spring ) with nothing but a heavy knife , a whetstone , pants , boots , socks , t-shirt and a long sleeve shirt . I slept in a debris hut , built fires with a bow drill and cordage made from Indian hemp , trapped squirrels and opossums with Paiute dead falls baited with grounded acorn and leftover bones . Gathered wintergreen, wood sorrel , inner bark of pine and white birch , and skunk cabbage roots ( which take special preparation ) near the boggy part of the forest for carbohydrates and vitamin C . I purified creek water by rock boiling out of a coal burned birch stump and carried the creek water to that pot with an opossums rawhide container . No deer were taken during that time , mainly because I was fed by the small game and edible plants I captured , and I did not spend time making heavy duty indian hemp rope for trapping deer , nor did I take my time constructing a bow since I only build sinew backed bows and this requires hide and sinew from a deer . My experience is mostly based around northern bush living .


I was part of the Peace Corp for a short time , but never actually completely finished my application . I also am apart of paleoplanet.net which is a website forum where primitive skills are shared . Other than that , I am not affiliated with any organization .


I do not recall any " publications " were my writing has appeared , but I have multiple videos and explanation on youtube.com , and have shared information through various websites like paleoplanet.net and prairiewolf.net . I would love to publish a book someday , since my philosophical approach to primitive survival is a bit unique and unorthodox .


I received my GED about 8 months ago at FSCJ , which gained me access to a few college credits since it was a college . I am also enlisted in the United States Navy , but I'm still being processed through MEPS . My bootcamp order date has not been set . Other than that my " primitive " education was self taught , just like it has been for man in our earlier days of hunting and gathering .

Awards and Honors

I do not recall me getting any awards or honors other than a few sports trophies a few years back and an FCAT Florida state writing award when I was younger .

Past/Present Clients

I have never had a client , past or present , dealing with primitive survival . Obviously I have held many clients with my older jobs . I have taught many people however .

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